Colin Edward Lang


(excerpts from various albums between 2002 - 2008)

  1. Let go (but hold on to me) (<-click to download)
  2. Friends (<-Click to download)
  3. You Can Lean On Me (<-click to download)
  4. Love for the summer (<-click to download)
  5. Talk (<-Click to download)


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Down the Memory Lane

of bands

Excursions Trilogy (2003 - 2006)

(With Florian Malecki)

(Foto: F.Malecki)

CD 1 : Welcome to Earth

CD 2 : Oblivion

CD 3 : Elysium

x (2001)



flo bäumel, bass

tom fischer, drums


the also-rans (1992)


 redmond o' hanlon, drums

garry wotherspoon, guitars

ennio taghlienti, guitars and keyboards

alan cullen, bass